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Why Most Insurance Agents Despise Commercial Internet Leads

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    • July 3, 2020, 10:19 p.m.

    The United States is home to approximately 1 million insurance agents and brokers. Thriving in this line of work will require a steady flow of quality leads and some hard work. Over the years, most insurance agents will try several methods to attract more leads. Investing in commercial Internet leads is something most agents have done at one time or another. 

    A bad experience with a less than reputable lead generation company can sour an insurance agent on the prospect of using these services again. The following are some reasons why most insurance agents have grown to despise commercial Internet leads and what can be done to bring them back in the fold and reap the benefits these leads can produce. 

    Dealing With Low Closing Rates

    Most insurance agents judge the effectiveness of a marketing campaign by the number of leads they can close. Simply receiving a large number of leads that aren’t properly vetted can result in low closing rates. If you have experienced low closing rates on the commercial Internet leads you have received in the past, it may be time to update your approach. Not only will you need to consider how you are trying to close these leads, you also need to make sure the leads you are receiving are high-quality. 

    This is why working with an experienced and proven commercial insurance lead vendor is so vital. Settling for the first lead generation service you find is a mistake that can cost you big in the long run. This is why it is imperative that you research a particular lead vendor before giving them your business. 

    Issues With Lead Exclusivity

    Growing your insurance agency is only possible when finding and engaging with new customers. Most insurance agents go into the commercial lead buying process with intentions on conquering the world. However, many newcomers to the world of commercial leads fail to realize that many providers don’t offer exclusivity. This means that a lead generation company can sell the same lead to multiple insurance agents. 

    If you are just one of the agents receiving a particular lead, it will be hard to convert it into an actual paying customer. This is why you need to demand exclusivity from any commercial lead provider you work with. By doing this, you can get leads that are only for your business. 

    A Matter of Cost

    Finding affordable ways to grow your insurance business is more challenging than you realize. If you are paying tons of money for leads, it will be hard to justify these costs if you are receiving little to no growth. Your main goal should be finding the right mix of affordability and effectiveness when it comes to buying leads. Accomplishing this goal is only possible when choosing the right lead generation company to work with. 

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