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Tips For Closing More Insurance Sales


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  • July 16, 2020, 1:43 a.m.

Insurance is something that most people need, yet insurance agents can experience slumps in sales that can seem to be unsurmountable at time. Selling something that is needed isn’t always as staring forward as one might think, there are many factors that go into a clients decision to actually purchase insurance, some of them are beyond an agents control. Determining what is in your control as an agent is the first step to setting a course for successful sales, and following a few simple steps can make all the difference.


Creating Interest

As in all sales, creating an interest in a product or service is the spring board for eventually closing the dea. Many people may not have an initial interest in purchasing insurance, or not understand why they may actually need it. Some people may be interested but are not inclined to accept the options that are presented. In either scenario, it is up to the agent to create the interest in their product so as to engage the client in further discussion. 


Relating Through Story Telling

One way an agent can do this is be relating to the client through story telling. Giving clients theoretical examples of how the coverage could be of use to them, and providing anecdotal evidence of how the insurance has helped others in similar circumstances, can be one way of engaging the client in deeper conversation. Whether through personal experience, client experience, or through hypothetical situations, story telling can relate to a client on a personal level in which allows them to identify their own needs more clearly. 


Responding To Needs

Identifying client needs is an important part of the insurance sales process. Agents should approach their sales not as a marketing strategy, but rather as a service to provide solutions for a specific need of a client. Relate to the client how your services can fill needs rather than how it can save them money or other components, the sales approach should be client centered.


Leads Matter

Unlike other product sales, insurance sales can come at the price of a lot of time and effort. Finding quality leads can make a significant difference in your amount of successful sales by narrowing down the playing field. Companies such as LeadOrchard have created methods for finding potential clients and securing appointments for agents that narrow your sales to those who are most likely ready to buy. This service has increased insurance agents sales remarkably by allowing agents to focus their efforts within a base of people most receptive. 


Closing The Sale

Keeping in mind that clients time is also valuable, efficiency is of utmost importance. Relating your product in an effective manner to potential clients who are interested in what you have to say will help you successfully close sales. Understanding your client base and how to pull from those most potentially ready to buy will ensure that you reach your sales goals.

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