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Closing The Deal On Commercial Insurance Sales


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  • Oct. 19, 2020, 8:40 p.m.

Psychology is used every day in the business of sales. Whether we want to admit it or not, we all participate in a particular song and dance, choreographed to achieve the intended results. Body language such as nodding your head in agreement and less direct methods such as manipulating a conversation to move in our direction with tone and word choice are examples. Such psychological hacks are not only used in sales but all of our relationships. However, when considering commercial insurance, honing our psychology skills can lead us to close more deals successfully.


Psychological Sales Tactics

Using psychological tactics may at first seem disingenuous; however, that could not be further from the truth. People communicate in various ways, and we can use our understanding of communication to make sales more efficient and effective.  Learning how clients think and react will help supply them with what they need successfully, saving time for all parties involved. With a few simple strategies, you can become more intuitive to your clients’ needs and close more deals on time.


Less Is More

When it comes to options, many people feel the more, the better. But in the world of commercial insurance sales, too many options can smother a good deal. Frequently options imply freedom of choice. While your clients should remain in control of their choices, you are their guide to making the right one. As the insurance expert, your best line of sale is to present your clients with the options that you believe are best for them, narrowing their decisions down to realistic and valid choices. For most people shopping for insurance, the options can become so overwhelming that they shut down the process altogether, or worse, make the wrong decision.


Prioritize Risk

Prioritizing risk over gain may at first sound like a scare tactic, but in reality, it is an approach that speaks directly to how we are wired. Our brains are programmed to avert risk rather than to secure gain. Think about how an advertisement can relay the same information, but in risk versus reward language. You could save money by purchasing an item, or you could be losing money if you don’t. The fear of loss is more gripping than the idea of gain. In the world of insurance, it translates to what a client could be losing rather than gaining if they do not purchase the policy.


Closing The Deal

For commercial insurance providers, closing the deal begins with generating solid leads. With Lead Orchard, your company can benefit from receiving quality appointment settings that lead to successful results. Combining leads with psychological sales tactics can improve your company’s ability to provide services that exceed your clients’ expectations.

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