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Get Rid of the Silos


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  • Jan. 18, 2021, 10:12 p.m.

For many companies, getting better lead management strategies in place is the holy grail of business. They need those leads to reach conversion and grow profits, but in many cases, scaling is hard. You have task delegation and workflows, but you also have different kinds of challenges.


One of those is getting the data in the best places. Data “silos” can result when information is isolated somewhere. The business has it, but the people who need it can’t use it. Here are some best practices that we use at LeadOrchard to help our customers excel and achieve more than their competitors by avoiding these kinds of problems.


Mobile Access


These days, you simply have to have mobile access to key data. So our platform is set up that way, and we promote the idea that the business has all of its data resources abundantly available to everyone – salespeople and other stakeholders – so that they can use it when they need it.


Appointment Management


By automating much of the data around appointments, we are, in a sense, lubricating the deals and making them easier to close.


Nearly every deal includes multiple touch points. How you handle those determines how you use data to make sales.


We've invested a lot in this type of appointment management. It's not just creating a visual dashboard, which many companies can now do. It's trying to enhance the interface without making it difficult or complicated, and making sure that it works in the very best way, not just “ok.”


Help with Emails


We also help with the email component of deal-making, which is so important for most companies.


Too many firms are moving into different kinds of interface work, like asking customers to go to a branded platform. But then there are more passwords and more multifactor authentication, and more hassle, and many customers get scared away.


With email, you are marketing to where your customers live, and making it easy for them to get involved with a single click. So we also invest in helping with this key part of marketing that too many companies neglect.


Scheduling Help


One of the last steps involves responding to all of these leads. That's where we innovate scheduling to again make the process smoother and help our customers do more with every hour that they’re at work.


Do a deep dive into our web site to see why thousands of users have come to us for help. Get what you need to supercharge your business – with excellent lead handling.

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